[Noe 2020]
Good Works: Studies in Honour of Professor Clairy Palyvou.

Announcing the publication of the volume Good Works, Studies in Honour of Clairy Palyvou, edited by Iris Tzachili and Maria Arakadaki, by Ta Pragmata Publications. The papers largely lie in Professor Palyvou's own areas of interest, covering technical and theoretical architectural issues, mainly of the Bronze Age but also in the modern period.
  [July 2019]
Therasia II. Historicizing Prehistory: The historical and epistemological context of the archaeological discovery on Therasia in 1866.

A series of studies on the historical and epistemological context of the archaeological discovery on Therasia in 1866, the first in the Aegean, at the time of the volcanic eruption. The unprecedented phenomena, both archaeological and geological, inspired geologists and archaeologists to collaborate on the development of new, mainly evolutionary theories on the pre-hellenic past.
  [December 2018]
Arachne 5

The new volume of Arachne comprises papers presented at two conferences. The first is the workshop Weaving the Past: The archaeology of textiles and textile production in Greece in the first millennium BC, held at the British School at Athens on 18 March 2016. The second is the workshop ARTEX: Study and Promotion of Archaeological Textiles in Greece, held on 1 October 2016.
  [September 2016]
Vrysinas II - The Pottery of the 1972-1973 excavation

This volume is the second in the series of published archaeological material from the Vrysinas Peak Sanctuary, covering the pottery from the 1972-73 excavation. Apart from the basic presentation of the pottery via illustrations, photographs and descriptions, and of its chronological and typological context, the main themes developed are the analysis of human activity at the site as evidenced by the pottery (e.g. large-scale communal meals), the offerings of material and immaterial goods (the ritual), and the visitors' origins.

Tzachili Iris
Daskalakis Nikos

Vakirtzi Sophia
Vaitsaras Giannis
Ioakeimidou Lito
Douskos Dimitra
Patera Maria

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Ancient and Modern Literature


Contributors include Professors Christos Doumas on the architectural model in the Bronze Age, Theodosis Tassios on the design and construction of ancient Greek public works, Nanno Marinatos on Minoan cult sanctuaries, and John Papadopoulos on Mnesikles and the Propylaia of the Acropolis and the contemporary vicissitudes of the monument. There are, of course, several papers on Akrotiri Thera, where Clairy Palyvou's contribution has been definitive and multifaceted. The studies by Anastasia Devetzi, Angelia Papagiannopoulou and Ioannis Bitis shed light on aspects of the settlement and its society, while Natasha Angelopoulou focuses on other parts of the Cyclades, particularly Early Cycladic Naxos.

There are also two important social anthropology studies by Alexandra Bakalaki and Dimitra Douskos.Special mention must be made of the contributions by the students of the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who took part in the Therasia research project designed and implemented by Clairy Palyvou and Iris Tzachili (Daniel, Ritzouli, Athanasiou, Patrika, Nasi, Molida, Gouliopoulou, Tourtas, Zaharatos).

This is a generation of students who spent almost three years on Therasia, enthusiastically familiarising themselves with the human landscape and learning about the island on the spot, body and soul. It is this unique experience of direct knowledge and life that they have attempted to show in their papers, and perhaps it shines through between the lines.